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Lister Petter TR series Industrial Engine
Engines don’t come much more rugged than this. Suitable for Industrial, pump & generator applications, it’s simple air-cooled design makes it easy to clean, maintain and will withstand the harshest use, day in, day out. Available with engine mounted fuel tanks, shaft extensions, hand start, electric / dual start, silencers and air cleaners.
The TR Series Engines are specifically designed as a Power generating engine suitable for use in unregulated emissions territories. It is durable, reliable and easy to maintain with oil and filter changes up to 250 hours, dependant on operational conditions. It is designed for operation in ambient temperatures up to 40°C (104°F).
The Lister Petter range of TR engine gives power from 5.5kW through to 28.5kW with speeds of 1500, 1800 and 2500rpm. The TR range of engines are all naturally aspirated air cooled with integrated fan to ensure constant air flow when running. These engines are extremely robust and powerful and offer a wide range of accessories to suit any customer requirements.
Variable Speeds                             Range
1500 | 2500 r/min                                    TR1
5.5 – 28.5 kW                                           TR2  
7.4 – 38.0 bhp                                          TR3
Lister Petter LPW Series Industrial Engine
Proven water cooled on site power for over 20 years. With features including maintenance free hydraulic tappets, individual fuel pumps, and common parts across the range, equipment down time will be kept to a minimum. This engine is suitable for many Industrial, pump, generator, marine auxiliary and marine propulsions applications.
The Alpha range engines give power from 6.8 kW through to 37.5 kW with speeds of 1500, 1800, 3000 and 3600rpm.
The Alpha range of engines are water cooled through either a radiator or water cooled manifold. This robust and versatile engine offers many configurations to suit customer requirements.
Fixed Speeds                             Range
1500 | 1800 | 3000 | 3600 r/min      LPW2, LPWX2, LPW3, LPWX3,
7.5 – 38.6 kVA                                    LPW4, LPWX4, LPWT4
6.0 – 30.9 kWe
Built on a LEGACY... Focused on  the FUTURE
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